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Gifted and Lifted

Jan 13, 2021

We're late. But it's about time. Time to start putting our brothers and sisters above our political ideology. But how? How can we righteously fight for our beliefs about how a society should operate AND maintain civility and love... especially among believers. A few weeks ago I read "A Gentle Answer" by Pastor Scott Sauls. His Christ first approach to how we interact caused me not only to question how I was communicating, but what I was actually fighting for. Time to heal, and no politician is going to lead the charge because it's not in their best interest. Healing is in our best interest as a family in Christ. So let's lead out. You can also download this as a podcast on any platform. It's the Gifted and Lifted Podcast. Here are a few of my favorite notes from the show. Please tell me yours.
“Jesus sees us in whatever condition we are and is ready to meet us where we are...”

“before Paul… starts telling us what to do and how to live, we are told who we are and reminded whose we are.”

“that’s just who He (Jesus) is. He establishes relationship before anything else.”

“posture not politics” “righteous anger attacks problems, unrighteous anger attacks people”

A beautiful approach to political discourse

“I’ve never met a person who got scolded on social media for their politics and then a lightbulb went on for them and they said ‘oh, you’ve completely persuaded me, I’ve changed my mind. Thank you for showing me the light.’ I’ve never witnessed that.”

“part of what kindness means…”

we make ourselves liars when we adopt a narrative that lumps an entire group together

“…it’s not about us and the other people anymore, it’s about us and Jesus”

Speaks about how and why to be angry… “that’s an important grid to run things through… Righteous anger is getting angry at things that are precious to God… Unrighteous anger is when we get angry about things that are precious to us, but not to God.”

Our pet peeves can refine us

“I don’t think politicians have much hope for making the world a lot better… unless your coming from the resources that Christ provides…”

"America and the church are not the same thing and they never have been”

 mark’s take on masks 
 “to put Jesus in front of our politics inside the church, so we can go out in the world and hopefully do the same”