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Gifted and Lifted

Aug 21, 2019

Have you ever wondered how to best share your sacred feelings on social media? ... without it blowing up in your face. 

Anna Macfarlane @Annaistheworst @kidsaretheworst @thingsaretheworst coaches some of social medias big players on how to move their message to the masses. 

Her takes on authenticity are aimed at someone working on growing their influence on instagram and also applicable to someone just wanting to stay in touch with their friends on social. 

She is the only person who as ever effectively made the case, at least that I've heard, for "staying in your lane". 

Please enjoy about $10k worth of free consulting courtesy of Anna Macfarlane. 


PS– Just to keep it real, I spelled "worst" wrong (worste) and had to go back and edit this whole post!