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Gifted and Lifted

Jun 24, 2020

One of the more plain truths of life is that things and people are more beautiful when they are touched by Jesus. When it comes to people, a soul lit by Christ is easier on the eyes and the ears and more approachable. Things touched by Jesus become magnetic and alive. 

Jun 22, 2020

Yesterday my dear friend, Mike, texted me. “Clare really wants to be a hair stylist, so naturally…” Clare is 5 years old ... continued 

Music by Clyde Bawden. Album: Life Song: No Regrets

Jun 15, 2020

Everyone on earth, including medical professionals, were diagnosing my son Bo with ADHD. #nobrainer it was like diagnosing a sumo wrestler as "a little chubby". But Tara and I were hesitant to medicate him at such an early age (11 years). So instead with bought some microphones and begged for a couple of favors...