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Gifted and Lifted

Sep 1, 2019

Do you think that parents had to shush their kids when Jesus ministered to children? I don’t. When a moment is especially heartfelt and the spirit is there, the kids naturally focus. Even babies. In other words, there’s a different between the social norm called “RESPECT" and the spiritual concept called “REVERENCE.” True reverence is awe and longing to be in the moment, it happens to us somehow when the spirit is there and love is pouring out of someone onto a group or individual. Respect is walking quietly under parental threat because something is wrong and reverence can’t be generated.


If we want reverence happen to our kids, let’s give them something long for, something that feels good to their very core.


Wake up Sunday morning, full of the pure love of Christ, kids will be drawn to it. If dad or mom “feel” different, the kids will catch it. Reverence will happen. Respect will be a non issue.


In that condition, church every week will be a life changer.


"God wants a child's heart and a grownup's head” –C.S. Lewis