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Gifted and Lifted

Apr 11, 2019

Denise Walsh is a retired clinical psychologist. She has dealt with prisons, alcoholism and abuse, in rural communities all over the world. She is a wife and mother of two.  She is an author and has written many books, one of which is ‘Design Your Dream Life.” She is an inspirational leader and teaches us how to find peace in the ‘here and now’, and how to find the beauty in things all around us, teaching us to be grateful, and to appreciate every aspect of life.  She believes in writing her prayers down. Denise also believes in meditating to help eliminate the stresses in life. She teaches us how to follow our gut instinct, knowing when it is God speaking. She helps people grow from where they are to where they want to be.

Show notes


  • Mark introduces Denise Walsh. [0:12]
  • Denise talks about saying yes, and designing her dream life. [4:26]
  • Denise speaks about high school, giving her love to people who need it, and following her ‘inklings’. [5:33]
  • Telling the difference between inklings and promptings. [7:57]
  • An 18-year old travelling across the country as a camp counsellor. [8:32]
  • Feeling peace and volunteering. [9:56]
  • Meditation. [12:25]
  • Denise’s ideal day, what she is reading and her daily journal. [13:59]
  • Writing her prayers down. [16:04]
  • Mark talks about writing his prayers down and going through tough times, and his prayers being answered.[16:49]
  • Denise’s War Room and tough times. [20:53]
  • Denise speaks about forgiveness in life and in business. [26:15]
  • Personal responsibility, collaboration and partnership.  [29:00]
  • Testing times with “Design your Dream Life” [29:57]
  • A gratitude exercise. [31:57]
  • Mark speaks about his life and being grateful.  [33:25]
  • Seeing love every day. [35:52]


Books: “The Dream Life Daily Journal”

“Design Your Dream Life”

“Retire Your Husband”

YouTube Channel:

Podcast: “The Dream Cast Podcast” -