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Thought Design with Mark Mabry

Mar 8, 2019

Ryan Moody is a world renowned fitness coach.  He speaks about overcoming his obstacles and becoming the 9-time world record holder in box jumps.  He speaks about his gift of faith and how he motivates other people to overcome their demons. He believes that in every limitation there is opportunity, and to never stop dreaming. You can find him on Instagram @theexplosivecoach.


Show notes


  • Ryan talks about his 9 world records. [2:15]
  • Ryan talks about 50 inch box jumps at the Arnold Classic. [2:50]
  • Ryan’s first injuries. [3:58]
  • Neck and back injuries for Ryan. [6:17]
  • Ryan addresses his purpose in this life, to connect to people and create belief in themselves. [8:00]
  • Ryan discusses his physical adversities and overcoming them. [8:50]
  • Ryan speaks about being raised as an LDS, his gift of faith, his belief in God, the reason for things happening in your life, and how he helps others. [10:00]
  • Feeling the Spirit. [11:50]
  • Mark talks about losing his faith and getting it back again. [13:45]
  • Ryan speaks about fitness, nutrition and the relationship between God and yourself. [16:20]
  • Ryan doesn’t recognise himself, starts to become more self-aware, and then finds himself again. [17:32]
  • Ryan’s gift on connecting with people [18:54]
  • Ryan meets Larry Gelwix, high school rugby coach and learns of his purpose and making a difference in people’s lives. [20:19]
  • Ryan makes a difference in a young man's life. [22:08]
  • Ryan’s further injuries and being hospitalised, almost losing his arm.  [23:35]
  • Mental coaching from Ryan and developing a mental mindset. [27:07]
  • Having a mental mindset is most important. [28:39]
  • LDS mission in Portugal, another injury, paresis, depression and hating life. [29:46]
  • Being positive and trying to believe again, while on lots of medicine and then making a choice. [31:50]
  • Woe is me and finally accepting certain things. [33:30]
  • Schooling in Utah and Crossfit. [35:39]
  • Taoism, Buddhism, spirituality, Tai Chi, breathing and releasing, and following your breath [36:50]
  • Experiment on Tibetan monks. [37:20]
  • The Whiteboard mindset, broken down into three pieces.  [40:54]
  • The more you think about something, the more you talk yourself out of something. [44:15]
  • Mark speaks about bungee jumping. [44:31]
  • Nike mantra - Just Do It. [44:59]
  • Ryan talks about training - warming up, box jumps, etc. and how he still gets nervous. [45:19]
  • People breaking through mental barriers. [48:00]
  • Mark speaks about the whiteboard moment, commitment, Christ and Gethsemane. [48:45]
  • Wounded. Ryan talks about the missionaries in 2016 and the terrorist attack on them at the airport. [49:45]
  • Choosing to be a victim or to stand up and fight. [51:43]