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Gifted and Lifted

Jan 23, 2019

For Kenzie, her faith is not separate from her yoga practice. In fact, her practice of yoga has strengthened her practice of Christianity. Kenzie talks about how yoga has changed her life and her mentality, and how she finds her place within the yoga community. She talks about dealing with social media in her life and using her platform to empower women. Kenzie is a force for good as she speaks out against pornography and stands firm in her beliefs. Kenzie breaks down stereotypes of what it means to be a yogi, social media influencer, and Christian, as she reconciles between the three.

Kenzie Morley is a self-taught yogi Instagram influencer with over 380,000 Instagram followers. She is strong, flexible, and beautiful. She is a bit of an iconoclast in the world of yoga- she is a Christian, American patriot, wife and mother of three. She uses her large social media platform to take a stance as an anti-pornography advocate and loses followers as she speaks out about these issues. She is humbly impervious to criticism she faces, and her following continues to grow rapidly. You can find her on Instagram @yogoskenz. Also, check out her training program, The Fit Yogi Trainer

Show notes


  • Kenzie’s perception of yoga culture then and now. [3:54]
  • Kenzie explains a “yoga challenge.” [4:33]
  • What attracted Kenzie to yoga culture and similarities between yoga and her faith. [5:24]
  • For Kenzie, yoga is a “solid relationship between the mind-body and the spirit.” Kenz talks about limbs of yoga. [6:24]
  • Kenzie discusses how yoga changed her life and mentality, and discusses yoga’s empowering community. [8:44]
  • Kenzie discusses being a mom in the yoga community. [10:53 ]
  • Kenzie discusses her gift of teaching. [12:10]
  • What others say Kenzie’s gift is, and what her critics say. [15:40]
  • Kenzie talks about her patriotism and where it stems from. [17:58]
  • Kenzie loses followers for posting religious, antipornography, and patriotism content. [19:10]
  • How yoga has helped her faith and helped her to self-assess. The Holy Ghost speaks truth to your intuition. [20:00]
  • If it is good, it comes from God. If you are confused, it is not from God. [22:20]
  • Mark talks about feeling the spirit and makes faith-based decisions. [23:00]
  • Kenzie talks about how she feels and makes faith-based decisions. [24:30]
  • As a person with a big following, where much is given, much is required. [25:30]
  • Be a voice for good, a voice of God and God’s will for you will be done. [27:00]
  • Receiving inspiration for and supporting victims of pornography through her social media platform. [27:30]
  • Creating a support page for women whose relationships have fallen victim to pornography.30:14
  • The self-evaluation aspect of yoga has made Kenzie a better Christian. A focus on looking inward instead of at your neighbor. [32:33]
  • Asanas in yoga act as openers. The backbend is a heart-opener and makes you reflect on who you are giving love to. [34:24]
  • Through yoga, Kenzie has been able to meet people that changed her life. [36:30]
  • Only post things you feel good about posting, and what uplifts other girls and women, “I want you to feel good about your body because of what it can do, not because of what it looks like.” [39:40]
  • “What I am wearing on my page is reflecting my message: That body image isn't everything.” [41:03]
  • Modesty has to do with context, clothing, and the message you want to be perceived. It is where you find peace. [46:30]
  • Is what I am wearing, and is what I am doing promoting a modest message? Is the emphasis on being provocative? What are you selling/putting the focus? This is about humility. Stop looking yourself as just a body. [50:10]
  • The story of the crossroads: making a deal with the devil to get something that you want. [53:00]
  • Kenzie discusses crossroads moments she’s come across with social media. [54:00]
  • It’s the little things that matter. When we get busy the little things go, but they make up what matter, like reading scriptures every day. [56:50]
  • Mark discusses Christian guilt vs forgiveness and letting things be when we aren’t perfect. [58:50]
  • One of the most rewarding things about her Instagram page is her ability to inspire others. [60:10]
  • As Kenzie anticipates hard decisions in the future, she decides now what her priorities in life are and how she will respond. [62:50]