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Thought Design with Mark Mabry

Jun 9, 2024

Dr. Dale Hull was an OBGYN in the middle of a successful career when he failed to complete a backflip on his backyard trampoline 

this resulted in neck-down paralysis and a four month hospital stay 

during this time, he was fortunate to have a significant amount of neurological recovery 

however, despite this progress he still had very little functional ability, remained wheelchair-dependent, and needed assistance for almost all activities 

Spoiler alert... He learned to walk again. 

In the process, he and his business partner, therapist Jan Black, pushed the known boundaries of neuroplasticity

and founded Neuroworx, a 501C3 providing specialized physical therapy for individuals with spinal cord injuries 

charitable donors make it possible for paralyzed adults and children to receive the prolonged care that insurers refuse 

In this episode Dr. Hull talks about dealing with the mental and spiritual paralysis that 

must be overcome if someone is to experience physical progress

Dale's thought process was pragmatic, patient, and effective 

"what's the next step?" and "I'm willing to work hard" 

Today Neuroworx and Dr. Hull effect thousands of lives including injured individuals and everyone involved in their lives