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Gifted and Lifted

Mar 24, 2019

“Once you cry, you feel comforted. I would really encourage people to cry things that they feel. Once you do that, that is where the Holy Spirit really works... it doesn’t mean that it changes the circumstances, it just means that you have comfort within those circumstances.”

Candice Wiggins scored more points than any woman in Pac 10 basketball history while at Stanford . She was sixth woman of the year as rookie in the WNBA and also won a WNBA title in her career. 

Candice describes the moment that she first prayed for help with basketball, while in the middle of becoming the first basketball player (male or female) to score over 40 points in two games during the NCAA tournament.

What caused her to "cry out"? How can she tell when the spirit is with her? What are her methods for  maintaining a connection to God?  

find her on instagram @candicewiggins2 or on twitter @candicewiggins

show notes

Show notes


  • Mark speaks about Candice’s achievements and feeling the Spirit immediately when chatting to her.  [2:35]
  • Candice talks about her Dad, how they had no connection, and the negative impact he had on her life. [3:53]
  • Candice speaks about her Dad’s negative influence just before her big game and reaching out to God that night. [6:00]
  • Candice feels emotionally dead. [6:58]
  • Mark talks about Candice’s quote. [7:29]
  • Candice talks about Angels and God being with her during her big game. [7:53]
  • Candice talks about signs and feeling the Spirit. [9:00]
  • Candice encourages everyone to cry, and speaks about fasting. [10:00]
  • Candice speaks about comfort. [10:30]
  • The Holy Spirit process. [11:00]
  • Crying, rejoicing, tears of joy and faith. [11:56]
  • Candice talks about her game and playing for God. [12:59]
  • Candice learns about her father’s story. [14:22]
  • Mark and Candice talk about her fans and communication/feedback. [15:40]
  • Candice talks about Israel, Greece and a strange question. [17:09]
  • Life is shallow, but has depth. [18:25]
  • Mark talks about Candice’s retirement letter. [19:08]
  • Candice talks about her dreams beyond basketball. [20:33]
  • Candice talks about tactics that strengthened her spirit, fasting and her faith. [21:54]
  • Candice speaks about verses she has memorized. [23:52]
  • Coaching basketball and being head of girls volleyball and basketball at Blair High School [25:00]
  • Candice talks about being open about her faith in public schools, in America and in Greece. [26:13]
  • Your dreams are worth something. [27:30]
  • Mark talks about Candice’s commitment to God and the Bible.[28:33]