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Gifted and Lifted

May 8, 2019

Kate Hansen was an unlikely star at the Sochi Winter Olympics. She was one of the top Luge athletes, yes. But that doesn't usually land you on NBC nightly or on Kimmel, or get you tweeted by Beyonce. 

The reason people wanted to see Kate is because she was able to see beyond the sports moment (not easy considering she had been completely focussed on being one of the best in the world for 11 years). The NBC camera's caught her dancing to Beyonce during warm ups and the world wondered how an athlete so young could keep it so cool. 

We dive into her ability to keep things in perspective, talking about repentance, routines, and reinvention. 

If you do google "Kate Hansen Dance" you'll have a great time watching. Hopefully the interview will help you realize that extreme work got her to the moment and extreme poise allowed her to enjoy it. 

I'm thrilled to feature Kate as one of the Gifted and Lifted. 

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